Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I work in a city and as a result have to park in a garage.  It is a relatively small garage necessitating double parking.  To accomplish this, we have to park behind other cars and leave our key with the attendants.  Left work a bit late tonight, went home and made dinner (see previous blog for yummy recipe!).  Had to go pick D up.  As I arrived to pick up my hubby I moved the umbrella on the passenger's side.  That's when I saw it ... a key for another car!  In my car!  NOT where it should be!  I quickly explained to D that we were taking a car ride and off we went, back to work. 


While I don't have a long commute, it is a decent commute none the less so this is a minor undertaking at 8pm when all you want to do is curl up in the comfy sofa/chair and blog to anyone who might be willing to read!  But we went.  D being the good sport he always is didn't mind.  He'd had just as long a day but understood why we needed to go back.  We arrived at the garage and I got out of the car to return the key.  Apparently, in the short time since I left the office no one had come looking for his/her key!  Amazing!  So unlikely!  That person with the Toyota will never know that I had their key.  That I could have gone around the parking garage and found their car and had D drive it home.  They'll never know.  Lucky for them I would never do that!  And imagine the (understandable) wrath of the car owner when s/he discovered the key was missing.  All averted.  Whew!

Too bad I don't believe in karma or I'd be due for a healthy dose!


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