Monday, February 14, 2011

A Gift For My Sweet?

So D and I have always budgeted for gifts (as in we decide ahead of time what we can spend).  Now I know some who absolutely hate this idea.  Fair enough.  D and I are far from poor but even further from rich.  Budgeting gifts ensures two things: no one is expected to go overboard, and both gifts are approx. the same (i.e. I am not buying him a tie and he buys me a diamond bracelet!).  Now that said, I have on occasion gone a bit overboard.  We are saving up for a weekend away so we wanted to do a minimalistic Valentine's Day.  Originally we weren't even going to get each other gifts.  But then D said he wanted to so our $10 budget was born.

Now D has been experimenting with beer lately.  Don't get the wrong impression!  He isn't drinking lots of beer and he isn't even drinking one a night.  Rather, he talks to Parth, a nice guy at our local liquor store who is knowledgeable about beers.  D has decided he dislikes lagers, but likes stouts.  Dislikes pale beers but likes dark ones.  So I had the idea to go to the store while D was in class and pick up a stout.  I even made a point the other night of confirming he liked lagers (knowing it's really stouts!) to throw him off the scent.  I got to the liquor store, told Parth what I wanted and he immediately knew which beer was for me.  The price tag I saw said $10.99.  Not too bad.  So imagine my surprise when we got up to the cash register and I realized the beer was about $18.00.  Now I could do one of two things.  1. I could say that is too expensive or 2. I could go ahead and buy the beer.  As you will note from my haircut fiasco, I am not one likely to speak up (though the situation does arise from time to time).  So purchase the stout I did.

D texted me while at work asking if I wanted to do a late dinner.  I am heading out meet my hubby and go to dinner (chinese ... our fav!).  Afterward, I will present him with his beer.  I'll let you know how he likes it!

Ps. D texted me that my gift is hidden.  So here I sit ... alone in our home ... tempted beyond belief to locate the secret gift.  But I don't.  I am being good!  I will let you know what I got!

What did you get for Valentine's Day??


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