Monday, February 21, 2011

Dinner Tonight

So I apologize in advance ... I forgot to take a picture of dinner!  D had to get to class by 6 so it was an early dinner for us!  Early means quick!  First up, a salad.  My recipe? Take a head of romaine lettuce, slice it length wise twice and then chop it.  Put it into two bowls (can also make one large-ish salad).  For D's salad I put in some cherry tomatoes and Poppy Dressing (until that runs out then a Goddess dressing my brother recommended from Trader Joe's).  For my salad I add 1T chopped walnuts and 1T feta cheese and 2T Newman's Own light balsamic dressing.  I used to make the same salad for D but he declared a few weeks ago that after such frequent consumption (we usually have a salad with every meal), he couldn't stand it anymore.  So I bought the poppy for him to try and he likes that.

Then dinner.  Tonight I had intended to do a WW (weight watchers) chicken dish but forgot to defrost the chicken and didn't feel like microwave defrosting.  Instead, I had a frozen package of gnocchi (I am not Italian ... does that make it ok to not use fresh??) which after cooking I mixed with 2T pesto sauce (I have made my own before but lately just get the store variety).  But gnocchi does not a meal make.  Giant (our local grocery store) has these frozen fish packages (I'll have to post a pic another time).  They come in a few different varieties.  After some testing we decided our favorites are Parmesean Encrusted Tilapia and Lemon Pepper Tilapia.  They come two to a package and usually cost $6 but I got them on sale for I think $4 and change.  So of course I bought a couple!  The Parm is really our favorite but it takes 25-30 minutes in the toaster oven, time we did not have!  Instead, the lemon pepper takes 7 minutes in the microwave.  Perfect!

Delicious meal for probably ~$11.  Not bad.  Especially considering start to eating was under 20 minutes.

And now D is at class and I am sitting waiting to see if the projected snow falls.  Good thing I have a full fridge/pantry if we are snowed in tomorrow!


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