Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still Sick

Kinda gross so I apologize in advance.  Last night I went to sleep before 10pm.  I genuinely cannot remember the last time that happened.  Definitely years.  I had been cold (probably a result of a fever) and was layered up.  It took practically no time for me to pass out.  I had a very vivid dream (I think related to making videotapes of events related to the book I was reading ... sadly I cannot remember details) and awoke at 1am.  Knowing I was not going to get back to sleep, I went into the living room to allow D the opportunity to sleep and finished reading my book (I'll post a review another time).  By 2am I had finished and back to bed for me.  I was no longer cold and took off all the extra layers.  There I stayed until 12:20ish pm.

You'd think I'd feel rested and ready to'd be wrong.  Now the congestion has spread to my sinuses.  D and I went to the store to get some milk.  And some medication.  I am now taking Robitussin for chest/cold.  I have noticed a slight improvement.  Every slight cough is less likely to turn into a full blown cough.  Here's hoping another day and I'm repaired (ha!).

I have a few important things I am working on but only one that would require my presence in the office on Monday.  I may wind up having to make an appearance, make a few phone calls, then head home.  I am hoping not.  Too much to do!


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