Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sick Hubby

My husband has been sick for the better part of a week.  Congested mess.  Earth shattering sneezes.  Poor guy.  Last night was torture.  More for me than him.  When he came to bed around 1:30am (because even though he is sick he refuses to stop working until the wee hours of the morning) he woke me up to tell me there hadn't been an announcement about my office closing yet (it didn't but I decided to work from home ... our neighborhood doesn't view plowing snow as a priority!).  Then for the next 5 hours his sneezes, coughs, congested breathing (D is not usually a snorer) kept re-waking me up.  Now I know he is the sick one.  And during the day it is he who suffers.  But last night?  As my lovely husband slept peacefully through the congestion/nasal symphony he produced, it was I who had it worse.  Way worse.  I am functioning today.

But barely!

What do you do when your spouse is sick?


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