Saturday, February 19, 2011

Benefits to Renting

There are many days, more often than not, that I wish I lived in a house we owned.  Instead, we rent.  This makes more sense financially for us right now, but that doesn't change the fact there are a lot of times I'd prefer we owned our house.  However, I may have to stop thinking that way!

My coworker, I've mentioned her before, T, owns her own home.  Her gas and electric bill at times is higher than my rent!  (And don't forget, she still has a mortgage payment to make.)  Probably one of the biggest benefits right now is our rent includes gas.  That means during these cold winters, our bill is really low!  Huge benefit.

And then last night, our microwave broke.  As a frequent microwave user (popcorn is an addiction) we had to replace it.  My father had purchased it two years ago so I asked him where he bought it: BJs!  So off I went and spent about $55 (far less than anything we saw advertised online) and wound up buying the exact same model.

Now D and I are not wealthy by a long shot, nor flat broke.  Rather, we try to be very careful with our money and spending.  Spending $55 on a new microwave was definitely not in the budget.  However, and the other reason that for now I prefer renting, the microwave is the ONLY appliance in the home we are responsible for replacing!  It is the only appliance not provided by the landlord.  That means should we have a problem with the fridge, freezer, garbage disposal (which we did last week), oven, stove, washer, dishwasher, dryer or the plumbing, we don't have to handle it.  I love it!

Though I still hope to one day in the not too distant future own a home, I love the benefits of renting!


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