Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh Canada!

So have I mentioned I am obsessed with all things Royal Wedding?  I am around the same age as Prince William.  So naturally I fantasized about marrying him when I grew up.  I didn't pay any mind to the fact that I'm American, I'm Jewish, I'm not rich.  Eh.  Our love was going to overcome all of that!  Sadly our future was not to be.  But that's ok ... I found my own prince (intentionally corny!). 

Now I have a new reason to be excited.  You see D's family is in Canada.  Canada.  Our great neighbor to the North.  You know ... the one with the Queen still as their sovereign??

Well ... I have recently found out (probably along with the rest of the world) that Prince William and (soon to be) Princess Kate are coming to Canada!  This summer!  When I am likely to be in Canada!  Maybe I will catch a glimpse?? Will is coming!!!!


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