Monday, February 21, 2011

A Royal Wedding

My take on the royal wedding.  So I have already mentioned that I am obsessed with all things Royal Wedding.  I cannot wait to see her dress and what he looks like and how she arrives and whether they kiss on the balcony afterward.  Yes, I am obsessed.  But there are also a number of things that are bothering me, but probably because I am still somewhat thinking of this as a 'regular' wedding.

In no particular order:
1. The invitation.  I know I mentioned it before, but Kate's family isn't mentioned.  Traditionally it is the bride's family that invites guests.  Now I know that the Royal Family is footing the majority of the bill for the wedding and Kate's parents, even though they are millionaires, probably couldn't afford what this wedding is going to cost.  I get it.  But to me, it makes it seem like her identity is intentionally being swallowed up. 

2. This going along with number 1.  Almost everything you see references the royal family and/or William "teaching/training" Kate.  Is it really that difficult?  Aside from a long lineage, are there really that many things she needs to learn?  Has she never gone to a charity event before?  Does she not know how to act around sick people?  Or is she having a very difficult time learning which fork to use with which course?  (Kate: perhaps a viewing of Titanic or Pretty Woman would help with this!).  I don't understand.  There is talk of her training taking years before she can do charity work on her own.  Why??

3. Perhaps this is wishful thinking (D ... don't read too much into this.  I love you and wouldn't leave you even if Prince William asked me ... most likely. ;)) but I don't think William is too interested in getting married.  Right now that is.  He dated Kate for the better part of a decade.  There is something about it that makes you feel like there is external pressure (Read: Queen Elizabeth) on him to get married.  I don't doubt that he loves Kate.  Truly.  And I do disagree with an entertainment show that recently said since he is starting to lose his hair he wants to secure a wife. (Come on people ... he's the future king of England.  He could be completely bald and paint leopard stripes on his head and still land someone).  But it does feel forced.  Case in point, once they got engaged it is almost a race to the altar.  What's the hurry?  I think it is to ensure someone's cold feet don't freeze!  I am certain there is also pressure on him to have kids.  Kate just turned 29.  The Queen probably decided that since Kate was his inevitable queen, time to ensure she can have lots of kids!

4. Lastly: who receives one of those invitations.  I am on the fence about Fergie not being invited.  But am still so surprised President Obama is not invited.  Technically, no other heads of state are invited either, but still.  I think it is in poor taste.  I understand not inviting the leader of Chile (I was going to say Tuvalu, but upon further research, I realized Queen Elizabeth is technically the leader of that country...) but the US?  Really?  The US you decide to not extend an invitation?  But Kanye West can come?  As was said on The View this am, here's hoping he doesn't crash the vows!


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