Sunday, February 13, 2011

A haircut can be an emotional experience!

Almost a year ago I last got a haircut.  Now I wouldn't say D and I are "frugal" but we don't spend tons of money on ourselves.  D is probably a little better about spending money on himself that I am...  However, I finally decided it was time.  The woman who usually cut my hair is taking some time off so it was off to the internet to find someone else who could cut my hair for what I considered a "reasonable" price.  Now, to put it in perspective: for the past 10+ years my haircut consisted of a trim.  Chop off the dead hair and we were good to go!  I figured anyone who was licensed could do this.  I found a hair place listed online and gave them a call.  The price was right so off I went.

Now everything from the moment 'go' was wrong.  I usually have good instincts (D confirms this for me quite frequently actually).  However, I was also raised to not embarrass someone and as a result have a hard time pointing out things that are wrong.  The kindly elderly man turned the chair for me and asked what I wanted.  "Just cut off the dead" says I.  He puts a mirror up for me to see exactly how much he would be cutting.  Now to help you, my hair was 3/4 of the way down my back.  The gentleman pointed to a spot on my back about 6/7 inches below my shoulders.  I nodded as I had expected to lose a few inches.  He then combed the curl out of my hair and started chopping.  No shampoo, no water, didn't even spit on my hair.  Just chopped.  I was crying on the inside but held it in.  Afterward, he held up the same mirror and with a smile on his face said "look, I cut it straight."  He also pointed out that he received his registration in the 1950s.  I had already noticed!

I got into the car and immediately called D.  Previously, when I would get a haircut, I would tell D that I got it all chopped off.  We both liked my long hair so I liked teasing him.  This time I had to tell him it was true ... it was all gone.  I got home and straightened my hair to see if it was at least straight.  It wasn't.  My sweetie, my D, said that though I still looked pretty (to be elaborated in another blog!) he agreed it needed to be fixed.  And so I spent 3x the amount and got it fixed.  It looks pretty now, but it will be a long time before it is long again.  A friend who recently donated her hair (and others) remind me it will grow back.  True.  It will.  However, as I told my friend, she donated her hair.  Mine was stolen.


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