Monday, February 21, 2011

Benefits to Being Married

So I have been posting the Benefits to Being Married one to a post.  But then I realized it is going to be difficult to make sure I don't repeat myself ... and for you to read the entire list!  So I decided to compile them.  If some readers think it was better the other way, let me know!

14. Someone to hang out with on your day off!
13. There is always someone to give you a hug!
12. Someone to make you feel better after fighting with your sister.
11. Someone to tell you it's time to say good night to twitter and go to sleep!
10. Having someone to make you smile when you are sad.
9. Getting to make your hubby feel better when he's feeling sick.
8. Know that "anti-slip" liner you can put into the bottom of the shower?  When you lift it up from the shower floor it makes a large noise.  My hubby heard it and came running to the bathroom door to check on me!
7. When I forgot something in the car, D will volunteer to go get it!  (And actually get it!!)
6. To have someone who supports you starting a blog to the point that they apologize when they click on your post as it will mess up your stats total!
5. I can say "D ... are you going to eat dessert tonight" and he knows that is code to get me ice cream from the freezer!
4. Having a guaranteed Valentine!
3. Someone to buy you flowers on Valentine's Day!
2. Having someone to buy a Valentine's gift for!
1. Someone to get you dessert when you are comfy on the sofa!


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