Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Eyes are Closing!

So I had a big client meeting early this morning (allowing me to spend a few extra minutes home with D!).  As I usually eat breakfast/drink coffee at the office, I didn't eat anything at home before I left.  Now when I lived with my parents (as I did until I got married .... many blogs on that later!) there was a Dunkin Donut's with a drive through on the way to the highway.  Whenever I had a meeting out of the office in the morning, I would treat myself to a coffee and bagel (toasted w/ a little butter ... D forever teases me about that as he believes cream cheese is the proper bagel topping).  But alas, I no longer have that luxury.  So I arrived at the meeting location and spent 10 minutes finding the entrance to the parking garage (ah ... gotta love city buildings!).  To then get to the room where my meeting was I had to walk the equivalent of at least 3 football fields--but probably closer to 4.  Sadly, this was not an exaggeration.

Then the person I was meeting with wanted to go talk to someone else so off we walked.  About a football field to another building.  And then as he couldn't remember which floor her office was on, we walked up 4 flights of stairs.  Suffice it to say, I was exhausted, thirsty and drained by the time we go to the second meeting.  So much so that the woman we were meeting with had her intern bring me a glass of water!  Then, it was back to the original meeting location.  And then back the three+ football fields to my car.  I sighed (literally) with relief when I reached my car.  But then I had to go pick up some lunch and head back to the office.  Before I could eat (or drink) I needed to debrief my supervisor (my preference ... I wanted her expert opinion!) on my earlier meeting(s).  Then finally I got something to eat.  No shock but I have felt off and tired all day.  Now sitting at home, D is at class, debating if I have the energy to get up and make dinner.  Being somewhat lazy.  Going to cook some premade, frozen cheese tortellini (grocery brand .. gotta save the $$) with store bought pesto and a salad.

I'll eat eventually!


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