Monday, February 21, 2011

Mixed Marriage?

I finally accept it.  After almost 9 months of trying to deny it I cannot any longer ... D and I have a mixed marriage.  You've seen photos of us and are probably confused.  But it's true I tell you.  So how is it a mixed marriage?  Simple.  D likes skim milk whereas I like 1%.

Ok so maybe I used a bit of dramatic flair.  But it is still true!  For 9 months I have purchased skim milk and allowed my own milk consumption to go by the wayside.  I figured since I rarely drink milk and on the rare occasions I have cereal I can stand skim milk, it made more sense to allow D his preference. 

But no more.  I think I am slowly starting to feel the effects of reduced milk consumption.  I used to love drinking milk (it is a great with pretzels ... trust me!).  And have missed it.  So on Sunday when I went grocery shopping I did what I told D I would do...I purchased a small thing of 1% milk for myself (small since I doubt I'd go through an entire gallon before it went bad!).

And oh how I have enjoyed it.  There are other non-traditional ways in which D and I are a mixed marriage.  I'll write more about those later.  But for now ... I am going to go get a glass of 1% milk!


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