Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Introduction

Growing up I'd always believed one of two things: I would never get married, or I would eventually find someone to marry but wouldn't stay married very long.  Many months ago, but less than a year, I married a great guy. I don't believe in fate, though there are times I wish I did.  I don't believe in "everything happens for a reason" though I will sometimes say that trying to convince myself it is true.  That said, there are moments in my life that had to happen in order for me to have met D.  I know that had I not had certain past romances, or gone into the profession I did, or attended the schools I did, I would very likely have never met him.  I also realize many things in D's life that needed to happen for him to be in the right place to meet me.  He's not 'from' my town so it really was a convergence of circumstances that led us to meet.  And meet we did.

I like to call our first date a 'marathon' date as it lasted much longer than either of us thought it would.  I'll dedicate another post (or three) to our dating history, especially that first date.  Suffice it to say, although I didn't know when I first met D that we would wed (Hollywood fairytales lie!), I knew something had changed.  I knew this would be an important person in my life.  Little did I know how important. 

Although I am a very happy newlywed, I have been craving a creative outlet.  Something to occupy my time.  I saw friends with mommy blogs and thought 'well, one day when I am pregnant I could do that.'  Then I realized, I didn't have to wait.  Although not an expert on all things matrimonial, I have a voice, opinions, life experiences, and a desire to write. 

I hope you enjoy what I write and ask questions if there are things you want to know that I haven't explained.  I think this is going to be a positive experience and I look forward to writing more!


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