Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yummy Brunch

So as usually happens on the weekends, when I wake up, it's time for me to decide what to make for lunch (I don't have kids and love sleep so I often sleep in on the weekends and D usually gets up earlier than me).  Sunday is food shopping today so the supplies are a bit depleted.  After looking I decided we would have spinach and feta omelets with toasted flat bread (better for you than regular bread).  Now usually when I make omelets they are burnt, they don't stay together, something goes wrong.  Today I started by tearing most of the stems off the spinach and putting all of it into a small fry pan (no oil) over med-high heat.  After a few minutes of turning, it was reduced in size and I put it in a bowl to wait.  Then I mixed two eggs in another bowl, and sprayed the same small pan with Pam so it wouldn't stick.  There was some spinach stuck to the bottom  from wilting so I kind of figured it was going to be a mess.  Instead of using a spatula to move the eggs back as they got cooked (and allow the runny part to go onto the heat) I used a scraper.  I then used a spatula for the actual flipping of the omelet.  They both turned out perfectly!  D helped me by making coffee (yum!!!!) and getting the flat breads out of the toaster (I am definitely the cook in this house!).  Then I put 1/2 the spinach on each omelet and some feta cheese on each, flipped it over and viola ... brunch time!

[I did take pictures but my camera is acting funny ... D is trying to fix this!]


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