Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Need Ideas!

I am normally great at giving gifts.  Especially to D.  I usually think of something months in advance and figure out all the details.

Our anniversary is a few months away.  D just bought my gift and keeps going on and on about how great a gift it is.  How sweet it is.  How romantic it is.  (Now mind you this is the same guy who thought buying me an oversized, made with recyclable material Welcome mat was a romantic Valentine's gift ... he's lucky he also wrote me a love note that time!!).

And I'm stuck. Honestly, I'm tapped out.  Can I blame work?  Work is great lately, really great.  But busy.  Really busy!  So I will say work is responsible for my creativity drying up.

But that's probably not true.  Maybe I already used up my creativity?  So now is where I need your help!

What did you get your husband for your first anniversary?  I need to buy something soon if for no other reason than to shut D up!!!


  1. hmm...I don't remember! Recently, (8 yrs later) I started getting him things he likes or trying to get something that fits the mood. One year I sent him a picture of me (that he liked very much) w/an invitation to a romantic dinner and gave him a basket of things he likes.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

  2. It seems like every single year, I get my husband the same thing, lol! A sweater, dress shirt, and tie from Banana Republic. I'm lame! He loves it, though... sometimes i'll throw in a surprise like a print of a photo we took while ok a trip, enlarged, matted and framed. A giftcard to his favorite coffee shop... sorry, that's all i've got!


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