Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Day in the Life

As a newlywed (and obviously a mommy!) there really is no "typical" day.  Today was no exception.  For weeks I have been putting off getting an oil change.  Finally I scheduled on for 10am today.  But really, 9am thanks to Daylight Savings Time.  Plus our guests didn't leave until late last night and of course we didn't immediately go to sleep (there were tweets to send after all!). 

So this morning starts with a headache that I can sense is going to turn into a migraine.  I immediately thought of Excedrin Migraine (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) but of course was running late for the oil change and forgot to take the pills. When I get to the mechanic, the guy flirts with me a bit ... so naturally I flirt back!  He asks if I have a coupon and I said "I don't think so" but he gives me the sale price anyway.  Score!  I've come prepared and have my book to read while I wait.  After about 30 minutes, Mr. Flirty comes out and tells me everything is good except do I know a headlight is out (actually I thought one might be out but completely forgot to investigate) and my fuel line is dirty.  The headline would be $29 and the fuel line would be $109. I shake my head to both.  I then try calling my dad to see if $29 is a good idea (seems high to me) but he doesn't pick up.  Shortly thereafter my car is ready.

I have about 90 minutes until the viewing so I went to my parents house.  Took some generic pain medicine (didn't quite do the trick), hung out with my parents for a few minutes and my dad called around for headlights.  Found another place where it would be about $26.  Not a great deal but I was going to be nearby for the viewing so it was convenient.

Then it was time for the viewing for K.  (Tomorrow is the funeral but I have a meeting planned that I can't change.)  Now I understand every culture/religion has their own customs.  For instance, Jewish funerals are always closed casket.  Always.  So for me, an open casket is very strange.  I guess I get the point...but it still makes me uncomfortable.  D was at home working so I went alone.  When you walk in, there he is up at the front.  I know it is tradition to go up and spend a few moments with the casket, I couldn't do that.  I made a few glances toward it but that was all I could muster.  Seeing L was amazing.  First, she looks great after her own surgery.  She could finally move her neck somewhat.  Amazing.  Second, she just seemed at peace.  It makes sense in a lot of ways, K was sick for a long time.  He did look peaceful.  I didn't stay very long but made sure L knew I was there, that I cared and that I would do anything she needed.

Next it was off to mechanic #2.  He tells me it will be ~$28 and 30 minutes.  Fine.  After about 20 minutes, again reading my book, he comes in an asks if I have the code for my alarm.  At first I had zero idea what he was talking about.  Apparently, in order to change the headlight they would need to take out the battery and w/o the code, I would have no working radio.  He said sometimes the manufacturers put it somewhere in the car, but he'd looked.  I suggested the manual so he went to go look ... nothing.  Now I vaguely remembered having to use this code before and being fairly certain it would still be in the glove box.  But here is where being a female in a car place makes me feel weak.  I didn't feel comfortable (ugh...should I even admit this??) says "well let me take a look" figuring that it wouldn't be there and the mechanics would all roll their eyes and think "typical female."  So instead I just asked to purchase the headlight.

Got home, searched the glove box and within 30 seconds, found the card with the code on it.  Went inside and finally got to take the Excedrin migraine and decided to take a nap.  But not before calling mechanic #1 back to find out how much it would cost to install the bulb.  Nope, they can't install other people's merchandise.  Really?  What if I flirt?  Ok fine.  D suggests lets just have them do it and then return the bulb.  A wise thought, but I am not normally in that area of town to return the bulb.  My father is as well ... enter favor from dad!  Call mechanic #1 back to see if they have openings later today and yay ... they do.  So now I get to lay down for a few and finally kick the migraine.

Wake up and feel 100% better.  Now off to mechanic #1 to get bulb installed.  Eagerly presented the radio code.  About 30 minutes later (seriously spent way too much time with mechanics today!!!) car was ready.  And they didn't need to disconnect the battery.  Seriously?  Grrr.

Then a run to the dollar store and dinner at my parents.

Now home ... and exhausted!  How was your Sunday?


  1. Wow, sounds like you've had a very busy day!
    Lovely blog, by the way. I love your wedding photo. So pretty!

    Following your blog now :-)
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