Friday, March 18, 2011

Today I left the house naked!

I left the house today naked. Stark naked.  Unfortunately I didn't realize it until I was in the car driving to work.

Ok so not technically naked.  But I had forgotten my engagement and wedding rings.  It makes me feel naked!  I've worn the wedding band for almost a year and the engagement ring for almost 2 years!  They've become a part of me.

They also hold special powers.  Well for me at least.

Before their existence, I couldn't eat in public alone (except the airport ... because lots of people are alone in airports) without feeling pathetic.  Without feeling like people were staring at me thinking, "oh that poor girl."

And then D proposed (will write about that another time).  And suddenly I have this protective shield.  Suddenly, I don't care about being in public alone.  Because obviously, someone cares about me.  I'm not the pathetic girl anymore, I'm just the chick eating alone with the gorgeous, sparkly ring (D really did do a good job...all on his own!).

It's my shield.  It's my strength.  Is it vain?  Perhaps.  But really it's a source of comfort.  And if it is something that doesn't harm you but gives me comfort ... where's the harm.

Although I will say that some of the power might be seeping into the "real" me.  Because today I walked to my meeting (realllllly pretty and only ~5 blocks away) without the ring.  And I still felt good.  Not as good had I had the ring on ... but good!


  1. Great post. I feel so naked without my rings, too, enough that I'm wearing a spare til I get them resized.

  2. love it! and if it's vain, what the hell. then i'm in that same boat. yep, without it feels naked. worse yet, i feel like meat at home depot when i go without, for dirty gardening supplies :)
    glad the power has seeped!

  3. I totally get it. I feel naked without my rings AND earrings.

  4. I, too, feel naked when not wearing my rings! When I was a work-at-the-office wife, I forgot them once and my co-workers kept asking if "everything was okay"!

    Thanks for stopping by Nap Time Is My Time and following my blog. Off to read more of your posts!


  5. I completely get that. I usually forget my watch, too, if my rings aren't on. It's always an uncomfortable, weird feeling.

    I'm a new follower through the sunday hops. I'm at if you want to stop by and follow back.

  6. @Our Village: already a follower ;)

    @Emily: I kept hiding my hand because I didn't want my coworkers to see! Difficult as I am a hand-gesturer!

    @Beth: Your comment reminded me of something and gave me another post idea! ;) Forthcoming!

    Thanks to all for your comments! I love reading them!!

  7. I've never thought about it that way, but I totally feel that way about my rings, too!

    I was devastated toward the end of my pregnancy when my fingers started to get too puffy to put my rings on. I was so self-conscious that people were going to judge me for being unwed and pregnant. It was silly, but I was so glad the day I could put my rings back on!

  8. Aw, that's sweet!

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  9. Wow! You totally caught my attention! Haha! I've done that before & hated it as well, such a wierd feeling! Stopping by from the @SITS #Commenthour


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