Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spiders Are Now in Cars??

So we all know that I hate bugs.  Hate.  Despise.  Yuck. (That said ... last night I found the tiniest little spider on our ceiling ... I did have D kill it but it was quite cute!)  I have trouble killing them.  Once a bug has been spotted in a certain area of my house I always look at that spot to see if there is another one.  Once I found a spider web in my car ... almost daily I look at that spot to make sure nothing has regrown.  So today I'm reading online.  Minding my own business.  Ignoring the ads for the expose on stink bugs and how bad they will be this summer (last summer was like one of the 10 plagues!) when I stumble upon this: Mazda recalls cars because of spiders.  Spiders!  That shouldn't be allowed.  I shouldn't have to worry about spiders INSIDE of my car.

Is there no place safe from bugs.  I know the answer but I still try asking the question!


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