Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Doctor (TMI?)

D and I don't have kids.  Yet.  I'm also not pregnant and don't intend to be in the immediate future.

You see, my sister (who I don't think I've blogged about...yet) is getting married in November.  After she gets married, D and I have discussed trying to get pregnant.  It's strange to think that this time next year I could be pregnant.

(Here comes TMI so please feel free to stop reading!)

A few weeks ago I got a reminder from my gyno that it is time for my annual visit.  (I literally have three different doctors I need to schedule visits with ... ugh!).  I called today to schedule (especially since my birth control is going to run out in a month!) but they had already left for the day.

Then I started thinking.  My doctor does not do obstetrics.  I am planning to be pregnant before my next annual visit would be required.  Doesn't it make sense then for me to find an ob/gyn and go to her (I cannot imagine going to a guy ... yech!) for my annual?  Best case scenario, I love her and when we start trying/get pregnant, I already have a doctor.  Worst case? I hate her and realize I need to find another doctor.  Win/win!

I live in the same city that my father and his mother were born.  My grandmother was born in 1912 literally two weeks after getting off the ship (in case you are wondering how I am only in my 20s, my grandma was 40 when she had my dad).  My grandma, my dad and I were all born in the same hospital (as were cousins/uncles/siblings).  With that in mind, I would like to try having my baby at that hospital too.  I am a big believer in traditions and it just so happens that hospital is the closest to my home.  Perfect!

So I went online and found out who has privileges at that hospital and saw a whole practice not too far from my home.  Now there are some male doctors in the practice, I'll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it!  So now I think I know who I want for my doctor and now I can call and schedule an annual exam.

When I came home from work I discussed this with D.  He didn't completely freak out.  He didn't stop breathing.  He remained calm and politely smiled.  And agreed I should switch doctors.

We're both excited about starting the new stage of our lives ... but also scared.  Excited scared.

Ps. For all the mommies out there ... any tips on picking an ob/gyn??  What do you wish you had asked? What made you realize this was/was not going to be your doctor???


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