Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On A Serious Note...

Before I left for work this morning I checked my email to see if there had been any update on K.  Nothing in the inbox.  As I arrived at the office, I asked the secretary if there had been any news.  She shook her head and I knew ... he didn't make it.  Turns out, he didn't even make it through the night.  In fact, when I posted my blog last night, he'd already passed. 

K is gone.  He died surrounded by his family and loved ones.  The tubes are out.  He's at peace.

To some degree, we each have our own idea of faith, religion and the afterlife.  I am Jewish but my opinions/beliefs are not 100% clear.  I know what I want to believe.  I want to believe there is a G-d (I was taught never to write out G-d's name so it couldn't be destroyed ... hence the hyphen) and that He has a greater purpose.  That all things do happen for a reason.  That the only reason K would have died so young is because G-d needed him up in Heaven.  That there is a Heaven.  That we are surrounded by our loved ones (including of the canine variety) who passed away before us.  I want to believe all of this.  And when someone as young and innocent as K dies, there is a part of me, of all of us probably, that needs to believe this.  I need to believe that G-d had bigger plans for K than being here on Earth.  I need to believe that whatever Heaven really is, K is up there now looking down on us.  Maybe K is now L's guardian angel, protecting her and looking over her during her recovery.

I need to believe that.

Is it the truth?  I don't know.  But it is what I choose to believe.


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