Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's for dinner?

A few weeks ago we went to G and P's house for dinner (close friends).  They fed us a yummy dish that I decided to replicate tonight.  Now our version is not nearly as healthy as the recipe states.  But then again, it's probably a lot healthier than what you would get in a restaurant!  Spinach and Feta Calzone.  Instead of making the dough I used Pillsbury thin pizza crust.  When G and P made us dinner they used Pillsbury regular crust.  The thin crust doesn't cook up just right ... definitely go with the regular crust!  I also add some pine nuts (~3T worth) and put in a full cup of feta cheese.  Split the pizza dough in half, put 1/2 the filling in the dough and roll it up like a calzone.  Cook it using the directions on the dough container.  Sadly no pictures.  But it was super yummy!


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