Friday, March 25, 2011

And the drumroll please

So for those of you who read my post yesterday, first let me say thanks!  (Especially to those who commented.  I love comments and it also made me feel less foolish for what I did!  If you didn't read yesterday, I would recommend reading this post first.)

As I am sure you can imagine, all today I have been thinking about my camera.  Hoping, wishing, praying in the goodness of people.  I had a meeting out of the office but needed to swing by the hotdog stand before I left at 1pm.  As is often the case with days when I need to leave early, I was swamped.  I didn't leave until 15 minutes after I wanted to, and even that was by no small miracle.

I drive the 7 minutes to the court house, turn the corner ... and she's there!  But I'm on a one way and can't park.

So I circle back around.  I'm stopped at a light on the corner where she is located.  But still, I'm not allowed to park.  Then, the car in front of me puts on his hazards.  I decide, it's now or never.  So I turn off my car, grab my keys (it is the city), though I did leave my purse, put on my hazards, and rush over to her.  She has at least 6 people in line.  I'm patiently waiting, but keep looking to make sure my car isn't ticketed/towed!! The guy who had stopped in front of me rolls down his window and lets me know he'll keep an eye out.

I have her ransom money in my hand (on more than one occasion I realize that since we are in the city this could be mistaken for a drug deal ... that would be my luck!)

As I'm waiting, I'm looking around the cart.  I see no camera.  My heart is dropping ... but I have to at least ask.

Finally there is a break in the line (or rather I just speak up).  "Ma'am ... do you have my camera?"  She looks at me and it is the moment of truth.  She says...

                                    "Of course I do.  I had to leave yesterday but I kept it."

All my faith in humanity has been restored!  She then lifts up the drawer from the cash box and pulls out my camera.  My beautiful camera.  I then hand her the roll of money.  (D gave me a $5 last night to add to the $4 I had and the $2 E lent me ... ps. E if you're reading this, I'll pay you back!!!)  She then says "no that's too much" which is a far cry from yesterday!  I say it's ok, it's only 11 dollars (I had put the $5 on the outside of the roll so it did look a bit more impressive.)  I then run to my car and call D as I drive away to my meeting.

Another coworker texted me later telling me that I "have proven that people are fundamentally good."  I feel great.  And I have my camera!

(Confession ... when I got in the car I did turn it on to make sure the battery/memory card was still there ... even I have to draw the naivete at some point!)


  1. I love it! This story made me smile. :) Glad you got your camera back.

  2. Good for you! I'm glad you got your camera back. Glad to see there are still some honest decent people in our world :)

  3. Stop it! You had me laughing so hard while reading this!

    "I had put the $5 on the outside of the roll so it did look a bit more impressive."

    That sounds like something I would have done!

  4. Oh, yea! I read the first post, and I was hoping the story would have a happy ending! You've restored some of my faith in humanity!

  5. I'm so glad this worked out for you!! What a crazy story. And my faith in humanity has been restored, too.


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