Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Would You Have Done?

So today I was faced with a very difficult situation.  How would you have handled it?

For work I had to go to court.  Had to.  I've never had to go to court for my job before, but today it HAD to happen.  So I am going with my colleague and we get to the court house.  On the way, my heel starts hurting making walking difficult.  Regardless, we inch our way through security.  The guard is looking through my purse when he asks me where am I going.  I say the court room number.  "Sorry, you can't bring a camera in here."  I honestly didn't remember I had a camera.  So now what?  I told E to go ahead.  I had to figure something out.

I asked the guard what should I do.  His response?  That's not my concern.  Nice.  Really nice.  I hope Karma doesn't hit you too much in the a** some day.

However, I had to do something.  Walking back to the garage wasn't an option seeing as it was (a) 4 blocks away, (b) the hearing was starting and (c) I had to be there.

So I walked outside the courthouse and looked around.  And found ....

                                                               The Hotdog Vendor

Did I mention I had to be in court?  So I went up to her and asked her ever so nicely would she pretty please watch my camera.  I said when I came out I would buy a coke to which she replied "you can just pay me since I don't own this cart."  (Should have been my first warning.)  When I hand her the camera she comments that it is cute to which I reply it's old. (Second warning.)  I asked her for her name and whatever she said, I've never heard it before.  To the point that I could never report her. (Third warning.)  I forgot to ask what time she left but asked the guard who said 4pm. (Fourth warning.)

But in I go again having to stand in line.  I wind up getting to the court room and actually having an important role.  Important enough that after the hearing the judge called me up to the bench and thanked me for speaking up!!!!

Then it was time to go get my camera.  Guess the ending?  The hotdog vendor was GONE.

Gone. Goodbye.  No camera to be found.  Granted it was 3:30pm so maybe she had closed up.

I am going back tomorrow before a meeting.  Here's hoping she is there AND honest about returning my camera.

What would you have done????


  1. I would have done the same thing; what a horrible position to have been put in!
    I hope she comes back with it too! Keep us posted.

  2. Ouch. That's rough but I think I probably would have done the same thing or given it to the guard although with his attitude I probably wouldn't have trusted him either. Good luck! Hope it works out.

  3. The guard wouldn't accept it or believe me I would have gladly left it with him!!!

  4. I personally think that if they're not going to allow you to take things in they should provide a room to check whatever is not allowed. No cameras! Does that mean nobody can take a phone? They all have cameras.

    I hope when you go back she has your camera!

  5. I hope she has your camera tomorrow!

    That's a tough one. I might have tried to find a bathroom or somewhere out of the way to stash it, but the odds of it being there when I got back would probably not have been any better than the hot dog vendor.

  6. Ouch, that stinks! I'm sorry that happened to you. I honestly don't know what you could've done differently. I agree that they should have someplace for you to check stuff that you're not allowed to take in. Hopefully it's there today...

    I'm following you now on GFC and subscribed to your feed. I found you on the Read my Feed hop.

  7. I agree with Sharon, if they aren't going to allow you to take a camera into the courtroom, they should have provided some way for you to safely store it, or be like the airport and have a way you can mail it to yourself.

  8. That's horrible! I really hope she has it today for you. So sad people are like that if she doesn't have it today. :( Good luck sweetie! BTW, I am following back from the hop the other sorry it took me a few days. I have been so crazy busy! :(

    Happy Friday!


  9. OMG, that's horrible. Now I have to go read your next post to see how this all turned out.

    P.S. I would have ran back to my car.

  10. That stinks! I hope she is there and has your camera...or at least explains where it is! Good luck. ;)

  11. So sorry this happened to you! Such a bummer. I'm with Sharon who said they should provide some place safe to put your belongings that you can't take in to the court room.


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