Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's a New World

I've said to just about anyone who would listen that elections are going to change in 20 years.  With the new population taking picture upon picture of them doing tons of things they shouldn't be doing, elections are going to be different.  Do you think it would have been different for Obama to say he used some cocaine if we had a PICTURE of him doing?  What about a photo of George W. Bush wasted and acting the fool??  Either we will stop caring (and instead care about the person they are) or it will be even harder to get elected.

Which brings me to this.  The sheer dress is infamous.  That is the dress that Kate wore that allegedly made Prince William see her in a new light.  Does anyone else find it ... interesting...that we have a photo of the future QUEEN dressed that way?  Maybe I am being over sensitive.  And I understand a Queen is not the same thing as being elected to political office.

But it does make me wonder.  What other photos will appear?  And how will society (and the electorate) respond?

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