Sunday, April 24, 2011

We're Adults Now...

As a Passover gift, D's parents offered to buy us some flowers.  In the alternative, they said we could spend money on plants.  Which is what we did!

Yesterday, D and I went to Home Depot.  I requested flowers with some color, D wanted perennials so we wouldn't have to replant every year.

Now as a background, when D and I moved in last year our upstairs neighbors were moving out.  They were a cool couple so we were sad to see them go.  But, as a parting gift, they offered us some of their plants.  Three plants of hosta plants and two empty planters.  D and I kept intending to buy plants for the two empty planters but of course, that never happened.  D was in charge of the plants and did a really good job watering them and keeping them healthy.

And then he left for a few weeks to go on a research trip.  Leaving me in charge.  Of the plants.  (And the fish, but they all survived!).  Suffice it to say ... leaving me in charge of watering plants (outside ... where there are bugs!) did not go so well.

My green thumb is lethal!

But we had his parent's promise of some money and wanted to use it to finally fill those two planters.  Now because we live in an apartment building we don't get great light so we can't support many flowers.  But I still wanted something colorful. 

We looked around at the perennials and decided on the lilies.  I actually went outside and helped D plant what we purchased, much to his surprise!  They are really pretty and when in full bloom will be a beautiful addition to our garden!
Picture of the lilies ... taken from inside the house!
It was very difficult to pick what we wanted for our second pot.  However, because we don't get much sunlight that was sort of decided for us:
Parsley! One of my fav herbs
So now our garden is complete ... and ready for D to take care of! ;)  I get credit for helping though!!

Isn't it lovely?

Allow me to offer a key of the above picture.  From the left: hosta plant, parsley, hosta plant, tiny tomato plant (that we bought in the dollar store ... I don't have much faith), lilies and another hosta plant.

Our porch/patio is complete :)

I'd love to see pictures of your gardens!  Seeing all the plants available in Home Depot made me very excited for when we have a house and get due some real landscaping.  And by that I of course mean I can hire someone to do it.  Because the ground/dirt will have worms and other creepy crawlies ;)

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  1. Ok I had to laugh b/c my presents for my 30th birthday included gift cards to buy curtains, pots, and potted plants. And I was THRILLED!

  2. I just became a follower of your blog! :) Erin


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