Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strength in Numbers?

Blogging is an interesting experience.  You wind up becoming "friends" with people who you've never met.  And realistically, may never meet.  And yet, these bloggers become your support, they become your strength, they become your resource and they become your friends.

I got engaged May 10th, 2009.  A few weeks after I got engaged I went wedding dress shopping.  I didn't want to lose weight for my dress.  Instead I found a dress I really liked at my current weight.  In July, I secretly signed up for Weight Watchers.  In some ways keeping it a secret helped.  There was no added pressure.  And for the first time, it really worked.  I lost about 25 pounds (one week I got very sick and was down 30 lbs but quickly gained those back).  I was working out 3 times a week and loving it.  (Though my dad didn’t like how much money it cost to alter the dress to fit!)

I lived with my parents and they were great about buying the food I wanted even without realizing I was trying to lose weight.  I managed to fit back into jeans I hadn't been able to wear since college.  Once again I could wear (not that I had the occasion) my high school senior prom dress.  I still wanted to lose more, but I was happy with what I had accomplished.

Not to sound too melodramatic ... but then I got married.

Now I love being married and I love my hubby.  But my parent’s house was literally a 2 minute drive from the gym.  And it didn't matter if I came home at 8pm and fixed dinner.  Once we got married, I felt guilty being away from D for such long periods of time.  Whenever I did go to the gym, or said I wanted to, he was always supportive.  But I know eating dinner at 8:30/9pm was not his preference.  I know he didn't like that.  And I know that staying home all day alone working on his dissertation, he didn't like me being gone even more hours.  So I stopped going.

But those are probably just excuses.  After not working out for a while, it became difficult to get back into it.  And with that, of course I started eating more (nasty little coincidence).  And slowly but surely the weight came back. I’d find my resolve for one week and loose a few pounds. But then would slip again.  I don’t know why I couldn’t find that motivation again.

Yesterday I read a post from one of my blogging friends who had found her motivation.  So I decided to offer to be a support.  The thought being possibly by helping each other we could be successful.  A second blogging friend saw the messages and wanted to join.  If you want to join, let us know! I think this is kind of a “the more the merrier” thing.

So now there are three of us.  One of my very talented blogging friends, @MamaMuro is going to create a linky so you can follow all three of our stories.  Each Friday we’ll “weigh in.”  Now I don’t know about my compatriots, but I will not be posting my actual weight.  I weighed myself last Friday and will be using that as a gauge.  I will post losses (and hopefully no gains!) in a total number format.  We're hoping that by motivating each other we are actually able to become healthier and stick to our changes in lifestyle! Though we all want to lose weight (and each have a slightly different ideal number of pounds to lose) this is really about more than that. This is about changing our lifestyle.

Now one of the hardest things with doing something like this is not excusing failure ahead of time.  For two of us, Passover starts next week.  For those who don’t know, this can easily be one of the unhealthiest holidays around for Jewish people.  A piece of matzah is equal to THREE slices of bread! Eggs and oil are in everything to allow for even a modicum of good taste.  And it lasts for eight days.  My plan to not allow a complete slacking off is to eat Passover food but work on portion sizes!

My other “pre-excuse” is a legitimate one I need to address.  A few weeks ago (when I went to court for those who regularly read my blog!) my heel started to hurt.  Pretty much since then it has continued to hurt.  I have put off going to the doctor simply for lack of reason and being too busy.  Until I go to the doctor I can’t work out. Walking or even walking down a flight of stairs hurts.  So Zumba will have to wait! (Ok seriously longing to go back to Zumba!)

So Friday is the day we begin.  To be honest I am nervous about this. Scared I may fail and then that will be extra, publicly humiliating.  But hopeful.  Hopeful that this time, it will finally make sense.  I want to get pregnant at the end of this year.  Now is the time to start changing my habits so I can impart positive habits to my kids.

Care to join us?

ps. Thoughts on this name ... "Farewell Flabby Friday???"


  1. So cool!!!! And good luck! That is so awesome! I'll be your cheerleader!

  2. I'm so glad you're in this with me!!! Try not to focus on or think too much about the negatives (failing, excuses) because you're going to sabotage yourself before we even start! We can do this! We WILL do this!

    Just like you, I lost weight before I got married (40 lbs) then after our wedding I was pregnant and gained 95 lbs. I lost 40 lbs of that but then got pregnant again and gained 50 lbs. After he was born last May I kicked my butt (literally) and lost 90 lbs. I was still 15 lbs above my wedding weight, but I felt amazing. Then I gained 19 lbs. back. Which brings me to today's post.

    But we're in this together. We're supporting each other. We can do this! And anyone else who wants to join, come on over!!!

  3. @Kate: cheerleaders welcomed!

    @Kimberly: Totally right ... just trying to be honest. It's too easy and tempting to start making excuses. I'm in this :)

  4. Such a great idea! I never, ever have time to workout but this just may be the motivation I need!


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