Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

My dad's mother was one of six kids.  My grandma, who is deceased, was 40 when she gave birth to my dad.  (Neat little side story for another post!).  She died in 2001 a few months shy of her 89th birthday. Pretty impressive.

Today is her "baby" sister's birthday.  Her sister, my Great Aunt A, turned 96 years old today.  Yes, 96.  A breast cancer survivor for 45+ years and a widow for 30+ years, my Great Aunt A is amazing.  She still lives in her own apartment and walks every day.  Today when I talked to her I mentioned again that I live very close by and can get her something.  She politely said no, she'd rather just walk to the store herself.

It truly is amazing.   Her mental capacity is on point about 95% of the time.  Every once in a while she mixes up dates/lengths of time.  That's it.  Otherwise, she is a healthy, independent 96 year old.

Today she told me the best thing about her life ... being independent.

Even though she doesn't drive (and never has) she can walk to the store.  And loves the freedom that gives her.

My opinions on age and functional abilities have changed over time.  However, if I were as healthy and had such a good memory as her, I would live forever.

(Now the funniest thing, in my opinion, is that tomorrow my Great Aunt A is going to start saying she's almost 97.  Once you reach a certain age, much like when you're little, you're always the next age.  I kinda figure if you live 96 years, you get to do that!)



  1. That is amazing! Happy Birthday to her! I can only hope I am that functional and aware when I am 96 (almost 97) years old! ;)

  2. My aunt will be 96 tomorrow. Lives at home in San Francisco, walks with a cane, super sharp, still gets into mischief in the City and giggles about it.
    What a blessing and inspiration!


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