Friday, April 15, 2011

Fit and Fabulous Friday!

A few days ago, a blogger friend of mine, Kimberly at Mama’s Monologues wrote a post about wanting to make a lifestyle change.  I wrote a comment suggesting we team up to support each other – strength in numbers!  Another blogger friend, Kari over at A Reynolds-Fletcher Merger mentioned she wanted to participate as well.  And Fit and Fabulous Friday was born!

On Tuesday, I wrote about my most recent journey with a healthier lifestyle.  It was amazing how quickly the support made a difference.  The same night we agreed to do this, I had planned to finish the port wine cheese and Ritz crackers that will be prohibited once Passover starts on Monday.  But I resisted.  Why you ask? Because I didn’t want to log a gain during the first mini-week of our new group! (I say mini-week because we decided Tuesday to start doing this and today is Friday!).

Now on and off I have been using Weight Watchers.  When I used it before the wedding when no one else knew about it, it was amazingly successful.  I am thinking about starting to track food again but haven’t completely decided.  That said, my big goals for this mini-week, and my big lifestyle goals are to work on portion control (hello: I’m an American!) and minimizing snacking.  [Funny story: I went to visit my husband’s family in Canada.  We stopped in Tim Hortons, think Dunkin Donut’s Canadian cousin, and I ordered a small coffee.  I did a double take when I got my small.  For an American it was a kiddie size.  Big wakeup call!]

So this mini-week went pretty well.  I had very minimal in between meal snacking.  I am a late night snacker.  Always have been and probably always will be, so I need to accommodate my daily eating choices around that.

I still didn’t make a doctor’s appointment (hanging head in shame) and walking still hurts so I didn’t work out.  Though today I did park on the 4th floor of the parking garage that doesn’t have an elevator … mini brownie point?

Our weigh in day is Friday morning.  I think my schedules are slightly different than my compatriots.  Although I will be weighing myself first thing in the morning, I will probably not get to post the blog until late at night.  My Fridays usually consist of me leaving the house around 8am and heading to work.  Officially I get off at 5pm … this almost never happens.  Today is was 6pm.  Then D and I go to my parent’s house for Friday night dinner.  THEN we come home and I get a chance to blog.  I try to be really good about not blogging at work.  (Though I’ll probably keep posting a mini “holding the space blog” just so I can keep a high number spot in case others join us!)

Now I know I weighed myself last week.  And I know that the number on the scale this morning was lower than the number from last week.  But I cannot remember with 100% certainty what that number was.  So I logged back into Weight Watchers to see when I last officially recorded my weight…March 18th.  So my “progress” is being reported from that point until now…

Weight Lost This Week Thus Far: 3.2 lbs
Weight Lost Since Fit & Fabulous Fridays Began: 3.2 lbs
First Goal: Lose 24.8 lbs to reach last recorded weight before wedding day!
(I am going to do one goal at a time.  First right now this is my goal.  When…not if!....I reach it, I’ll make a new goal!)

How was your week?  We’d love to hear about it!  This isn’t just about pounds but about lifestyle choices! Have you recently gotten healthier?? What are you doing differently??


**This isn’t just for the three of us.  If you want to join please go to Kimberly’s page and join the linky! It’s all about support … no judgment!  Notice that only one of us is posting the actual weight.  I’m just posting numbers lost.  All welcome!*


  1. Over 3 lbs lost!!! Great job!! Late night snacking KILLS me!!! Ugh, I wish I could stop, but it seems that that's when I get hungry :/

  2. You are so sweet! But remember ... it's 3lbs in almost a MONTH. We'll see how I do between now and next week...mentally preparing myself for Passover lol! Thinking ahead--most of our side dishes for the seder are grilled veggies. Should help!

  3. Thank you very much for linking up to happy monday blog hop, i'm happy to follow you back. Your blog is awesome!!

  4. Congrats! I think that is awesome! I'm trying to get healthy too, but I've been having a hard time finding a program that is right for me. Maybe I should try WW?

  5. @Married: I'm not sure how in love I am with the new WW ... but worth a try!!


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