Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Blog That Saved Me Money!

Allow me to explain.

About 10 days ago, D was taking out the recycling and stumbled upon $71.  We decided to be honest and post a sign.  About five days later, no one had claimed the money.

D and I don't do "big nights out" and when we do go out, we try to be budget conscious.  So we decided to treat this money as "free" and splurge on a night out: movie and dinner!

Now even though we had free money, we still went to to print out a coupon! (Ok, seriously ... I really should be getting paid for promoting them lol!) Just as we got into the car, D rereads the coupon and sees that you can't go to that restaurant (with the coupon) twice in a month.  We had recently used the coupon at the same restaurant, but couldn't remember the date.

Now there were a few options as we had to leave to make the movie on time.  First, one of us could have gotten off our lazy tushes and gone into the house, logged onto and tried to figure out when we last used it.  This was time consuming, we had a movie to catch, and neither of us wanted to go back into the house for a fishing expedition since I'm not even sure that info is available!  Since neither of us has internet on our phones, it isn't like we could look this up from the car on our phones.

Option 2, hold onto the coupon for another use and go to a different restaurant paying full price.

Or option 3, I could remember I had written a post about our last date night, D could realize he had his I-pod touch with wireless access and we could find the post I wrote.  The post that was dated March 6th. Just over a month ago!  We were cleared to use the coupon!  See ... having my blog and writing about my life has paid off! ;)

Too bad when we got to the theater the movie had sold out.  Instead, we decided to really treat ourselves and have a really nice meal.  We each had a drink (me a pomegranate cocktail, him a beer) and split an appetizer.  We were sad to see they had changed the menu.  There were a lot fewer items that I would eat.  We'll go back but it will definitely be more than a month!

Not current but I look about the same ... but with shorter hair :(
So we then came home and watched an Israeli movie D had rented (he returned The Shining faster than I thought so he got two Netflix movies in a row ... now I get two in a row!).

All in all I had an absolutely fabulous date night with my hubby.


  1. Aww fun! That sounds like a nice time! And who doesn't like free money??

  2. Sounds like a great night! Using your blog for good? Great job!!!


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