Monday, April 11, 2011

Summoning Reinforcements!

In September/October I am hosting my sister's wedding shower.  In case one day she learns I have a blog, I am keeping this limited to something she (hopefully) won't get upset about.

D (sister, not hubby) has seven (yes SEVEN) bachelorettes plus me as matron of honor.  Now two of her girls are out of town so they are understandably not going to be involved in the shower/bachelorette party.  We will leave the bachelorette party discussion for another day.

Today ... I need advice on the shower.

Knowing that D's friends are young and mostly students, I realized we would have a low budget.  In order to plan for this, I realized we'd have to start planning early.  I contacted each girl (privately, so no peer pressure/embarrassment) to ask how much they could contribute to the shower.  Now I hate asking people for money.  Really.  Our executive director never has to fear that I am aiming for her job because I could never do it.  I am the worst fundraiser to possibly ever exist.  But I had to ask.  So I did.  Minus the two out of town girls, of the five girls who responded, only one cannot right now contribute anything.  I told her it would be between us.  I would front her portion (truth: my parents are paying my portion as they did when my sister co-hosted with some of my mom's friends my shower) and asked that she pay me back if/when she was able.  With six girls that leaves us a budget of $50/girl or $300 total.

Background: D's fiance is M.  M's parents had a very messy divorce.  I mean very messy! I had even suggested doing two separate showers  but D nixed that.  One shower it is.

So because of that, there are four people who get to invite people to the shower: my mom, D, M's mom and M's dad.  That's four guest lists.  Four reasonably sized guest lists.  Except, just like when you buy 100 $1 items, it adds up quickly.  So today I got the final guest list.  I may have miscounted so within 3 people plus minus the total right now .... 105Yes, you see that correctly.  One hundred and five people are invited to the shower.  Now some of these people are not expected to come, and some live at the same address so the invitation/attendance list will be a bit smaller.

But still ...we're probably looking at at least 80 women.

Now my sister had declared that having my shower at her future MIL's house was sooooooo much work so wouldn't it just be easier to have the shower at a restaurant.  And keeps pushing for this.  For 80 some people ... not happening.  I've already asked my cousin who has a really large house if we could have the shower there and graciously, she's said yes.

But D doesn't know ... and probably won't be too happy about it.  Oh well ... only way we can even think to have the shower.

But now I have to actually HAVE a shower ... for around 80 people ... for $300.

Tips? Guidance? Help?



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