Friday, April 29, 2011

It Has to be Someone

There is always that person when you go to a training.  You know who I mean.  The person who always raises her hand to ask questions.  The person who knows the answers before you.  The person who corrects the instructor and/or calls him on any errors.

Yea ... I was totally that person yesterday.  BUT I DIDN'T MEAN TO BE!!!

The trainer was very energetic and lively.  He handed out toys to anyone who participated.  Although I was not on board with 100% of what he said, he did a great job.  When we was going through his power point presentation he had written "who's problem is it."  I just couldn't stand it!  I do not always use perfect grammar.  I don't.  But I try.  (I have to write another post about this but for now, we're getting off topic!).

Anyways.  I noticed this really big mistake.  Now I might be that person but I'm not THAT person meaning I am not going to correct him in front of the entire class!  There was another error that someone else pointed out.  In public.  In front of everyone else.  Whatever.

So before lunch I went up to him to show him the mistake.  He was really appreciative.  And said he wants me to point out other mistakes.


So ... I did.  I found two more mistakes, or really the same mistake twice.  I hesitated whether to tell him or not.  But I did.  He promised he was glad I told him.  I'm doubtful.

There was also an exercise he had us do that made no sense.  Truly, no sense.  And he kept being his animated self without explaining.  Everyone at my table kept whispering how confused they were ... but no one spoke up.

Well finally I did.  Yes I might be that person, but something it is because of other people!

I am the person to tell you when you have toilet paper on your shoe, food in your teeth, a run in your hose, your zipper open (this has led to LOTS of uncomfy situations), etc.  You may be annoyed by me...but secretly aren't you glad I'm here? 

And please, if you see me make a mistake or have food in my teeth ... TELL ME!

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  1. Aww! I'd rather have one of my friends tell me that I have something going on than just laugh at me behind my back! Just don't do it in a way to hurt my feelings ;)


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