Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Parent's Favoritism

Now most people think of favoritism as parents favoring one of their children over another.  That type of favoritism is for another post.

This favoritism is different.  My parents ... favor my husband.  Truly.  It is remarkable.

Now I love D.  Truly, madly, deeply.  I love him.  But we both acknowledge there are some things about him (e.g. his living in another state while we were dating) that would not thrill my parents.  Yet there has NEVER been an anti-D comment.

Not only that, they prefer him to me.  Ok well that might be an exaggeration.  But allow me to make my case!

D and I registered at three places for our wedding.  One was a funky Jewish art store in town.  Although I registered us for a number of items, D really wanted this pink kitchen clock with this mad/angry face on it made out of recycled parts.  Since he hadn't registered for anything in that store and I didn't mind the clock I figured what the heck.  No one was going to get it for us.  Except my parents did.  As an engagement gift. 

When D and I were registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond, we fell in love with the monkey bathroom set.  My parents thought I didn't like it.  They thought I registered for it as a joke.  They thought it was really D who wanted it and I was just appeasing him but planned to change it.  So naturally they bought it for me.  As a shower gift.

Until recently, D did not eat any meat (including poultry).  A few weeks/months ago I encouraged/forced/bribed/lovingly-and-not-so-secretly-hoped-for D to start eating meat. Well...poultry.  That was raised cage-free.

But it's a start!

When I was in high school I gave up beef but still ate chicken.  You'd have thought I suddenly went vegan in a house of carnivores as much as my parents reacted.  And they'd often get frustrated when I wouldn't eat what they'd cooked.

When D and I started dating I was living at home.  Meaning when D would come to stay for a weekend, he'd be staying at my parent's house.  And you better believe they ALWAYS had fish for him.  Always.

And now that he will eat free-range chicken?  They're stockpiling it.  My dad got so excited the other day  believe he'd found free-range kosher chicken for me to use to make real chicken soup for Passover (it was actually turkey).

He even bought D two drumsticks the other day thinking organic = free-range.

Now do you believe my parents favor D over me?  I know I could have it worse.  I love that my parents love my hubby.

But still wish they favored me more ;)

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  1. Hee hee!
    It's a blessing and a curse when the parents favor the hubby; my dad totally favors my hubs now (maybe because he's never had any sons).


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