Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lunch and a Baby??

Almost every single friend I've made via blogging is virtual. I don't know these amazing women (and some men!) in person...though some day I hope to meet some of them! However, there is one person I do know in real life. Her name is Beth and she's the mommy/blogger at (If you haven't already fallen in love with her blog, go! I'll wait ;)).

Anyway.  Beth and I were friendly in high school though not really friends (I think Beth would agree with that description...).  With the advent of Facebook, we became "virtual" friends!  I noticed a little over a year ago she had a blog and started reading.  I was envious and secretly wanted one as well.  But didn't do much about it.

A few months ago, I started thinking about it more and discussed it with D.  I decided I too wanted a blog.  But I wasn't a mommy yet, or even a mommy-to-be, so I figured I would have to wait.  But D encouraged me to start a blog and I did.  I credit D and Beth with starting my blog.

Beth has been a huge support to me in giving me suggestions and passing opportunities my way (and even forgiving me when she didn't know who I was and broke all sorts of twitter etiquette rules).  I'm still waiting for the moment where she just throws her hands up and says, "Ok Sara, I'm done."  Though she's assured me that will never happen ... we'll see ;)

So imagine how thrilled I was when she suggested we get lunch! I was so excited to meet A (her hubby) and her kids (M and TNB ... her daughter's name also starts with an A so as not to confuse people she calls her The New Baby ... hence TNB!)  (Ok ... is it just me or does it sound like I have a blogger crush on her. Super creepy and unintentional!)

So today the six of us met up for lunch. Most people don't completely look like their pictures. Not Beth and family.  I'm talking identical.  It's remarkable.  I think except for the shade of her hair she looks IDENTICAL to how she looked in high school.  Color me jealous! 

We had a great time (and even got free ice cream!).  M was a bit shy but slowly warmed up and TNB slept peacefully the entire time :)  It was so nice meeting A and re-meeting Beth after so many years.

And of course, in addition to talking about blogging ... we started talking about babies.  And now, I seriously want one.  Or maybe four (D and I disagree, he wants 2, I want 4).  Twins run in my family.  My hope is my first kid is NOT a twin otherwise it will be really difficult to convince D to try to get pregnant again!

But we're not trying ... yet.  Though seeing Beth (and A lol) with their two kids seriously makes me want a kid ... NOW!


  1. I'm so jealous that you know a blogging/twitter friend IRL!!! I love all the people I've "met" online but wish we could have a face to face friendship.

    As for the baby fever, it's running rampant through my head too! I'm DYING to have another one. Now I just need to convince my husband ;)

  2. I am honored :) And I totally agree with the "friendly but not friends" hahaha. A kept being like "wait so you weren't friends in high school - but that's how you know her? And you're friends now???" Such is the power of social media ;)

    We had a great time. D is awesome (and obviously you are too) and we'd love to get together again sometime!

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  5. Welcome to the club. Once you get the fever (or my favorite description of it, the "baby rabies") you're done for!

  6. Amazing how quickly baby fever takes hold of you, huh? Glad you started blogging, it's a good outlet.

  7. So cool that you were able to form a friendship after high school! Love hearing about how she inspired your blog!

    Good Luck with the kidlets! I would have loved twins and might as well have had them since both sets of my kids are Boys - 14 months apart and then Girls 18 months apart!


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