Monday, June 20, 2011

My Safeway National Dairy Month Shopping Trip

D and I are huge dairy fans, and D loves the opportunity, any opportunity, to eat outside, so I jumped at the chance to participate in Safeway’s National Dairy Month.    

As we try to be healthier, we’ve come to realize just how important dairy is in a healthy lifestyle.  It is also a very tasty addition to any diet!  D and I both love milk, though he drinks more of it than I do.  We’ve also started really liking the Yoplait yogurts that taste like dessert (some of them actually do, it’s amazing!).  We’re also big fans of cheese, though our tastes differ.  I like cheddar, gouda, brie, and mozzarella.  While D likes all those, he also likes swiss, and blue cheese, and any stinky cheese.  I cannot even smell some of his favorite cheeses.

Now when buying dairy, there aren’t very many special considerations.  We have no allergies, though we do try to look at labels to get the items that are healthiest for us.

The same is NOT true when deciding on a recipe.  D and I have very unique considerations when it comes to food.  A bit hard to explain.  But suffice it to say, we keep Kosher-style, meaning no mixing meat with dairy.  This often means I have to edit/alter recipes I find to make sure there is no mixing.

Two of our favorite dairy ingredients are mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce.  Since we were going to eat outside I also wanted to make sure we had something accessible for outdoors.  So sandwiches it was!  I found a few recipes online at an awesome website (seriously, go take a look, I’ll wait!).   And edited them.

D and I go both enjoy food shopping so we usually do it together.  I either write up a paper list (old fashioned I know!) or give him the list to put on his Ipod touch.   Now I love our local Safeway.  The produce department in particular is so inviting.  It makes me want to taste everything (I resist!) with all the bright colors.  No matter when I go in or what time of day, it is always neat and inviting.  It isn’t cramped like some other grocery stores.

Thrilled about our shopping cart!

I love a good deal and have been a Safeway club member for a while. Take a look at the pictures in the slide show.  You’ll notice all the deals I got just by having my free membership!

When I cook, D always likes to help.  Now as for the recipe: toast the bread. On one slice put about 1T of pesto sauce. On the other slice place sliced tomato and mozzarella cheese. Place that second slice under the broiler for about 5 minutes. Assemble sandwich, slice, add some cheddar chips to the plate and
good to go! Oh, but don’t forget the raspberry green tea with REAL raspberries!

I think what excited D most about this whole thing was getting to eat outdoors.  He loves it, me not so much.  But tonight it was dinner outside.  Just look how happy he is in the pictures here!

This project has been compensated as part of the June Dairy program for Safeway. Make sure you look for #SafewayDairy.  As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Looks like he's having fun out there! I'm also a huge cheese fan, just not of the stinky ones!

  2. Is he holding your purse in the photo? bahahahaha

    I LOVE when hubbys participate in our crazy antics! :)

  3. @Kim: D loves eating icky cheeses and then trying to kiss me. Reminiscent of our first date.

    @Jenn: Yes, yes he is holding onto my purse. But he wasn't walking around with it! I usually put it in the "kid" section in front of the cart. But I wanted to take a pic so I asked him to hold it. He's a great sport!

  4. There is no way my hubby and I could go grocery shopping together. He likes to speed walk the whole time and get done as fast as possible... I like to actually read what I am buying! lol That's great you guys can do that together! Team work!

  5. Looking at your pictures made me REALLY want some lemonade with raspberries! That makes it look so much better... and yummier! I'm also a huge fan of mozzarella and tomato, so everything in your slide show has my mouth watering!

  6. @Nicole: D and I love going grocery shopping together. Honestly, it's the only kind of shopping either of us like!

    @Beth: I just felt inspired. We felt so classy drinking lemonade with raspberries in the glass!

  7. i think it's awesome that you and your hubby go grocery shopping together. Kyle hates to go and then yells at me for spending too much money.

    in other news, cheese is my favorite.

  8. @Summer: yea I'm pretty lucky :)

  9. Your raspberry lemonade looks delish and so do those sandwiches! I love eating out on the patio when the weather is nice. It sounds like you guys had a nice dinner. :)

  10. ROFL I love that picture!
    Aaron and I usually go food shopping together too, we're geeks like that. You'd think after 10 years we'd be over the whole do everything together phase...

  11. Cute pic! My husband does all the grocery shopping, I'm pretty much the worst grocery shopper either and will come home with just V8 juice and popcorn.

  12. yummm, that sandwich sounds really good, i LOVE pesto!


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