Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I think D is attractive.  Obviously?

But as a general rule, I've found no common traits between other men I find attractive. For instance, I think Morgan [Shemar Moore] from Criminal Minds is really attractive.  He's probably someone you'd expect people to find good on the eyes.  Probably doesn't seem strange.  Don't you agree:


On the same show, I think Spender Reed [Matthew Gray Gubler] is really attractive.  He's not what you'd necessary think is typical "hunk" material, but I think he's so cute!  Thoughts?


Nothing really similar between the two except they are both males.  They are different races, different body types.  And yet I find both equally attractive.

I'm currently at a conference (which is why I've been so MIA blogging this week).  And there are definitely some men there I find attractive.  No I am not attracted to them.  But I still think they are cute.

I wonder why I don't have a type.  And even though I can find lots of men attractive, my husband and last two boyfriends all look similar.  Maybe I am open when it comes to finding someone attractive but then am only attracted to a particular type?

Do you have a "type?"


  1. I just really love guys who have a "strong" appeal and look to them. I seem to tend to go for the guys who look mean. Just something about a bad boy is so sexy. Even if they aren't a bad boy, just that stern look is my type.

  2. Like you, I don't have a particular type. I'm attracted to different looks. Though, my husband and my ex (first real love) are so similar it's scary!

  3. I find many different types of men objectively attractive. That does not mean that I would want to end up with them. E.g. I could never picture myself with a model-type man, but I do find them attractive :-)

  4. I'm not sure I have a type. Though my type in college was jerky frat boys. I'm glad I grew out of that type.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence over on my blog...I was seriously feeling terrible about myself, like I was a terrible human being.

  5. I think Matthew is extremely attractive. He is one of my hollywood boyfriends as I like to tell my husband. I have always been attracted to the nerdy but still good looking guy in a different kind of way. I think we are attracted to different people for different reasons. It is a funny and mysterious thing.


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