Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vlog 2

So it is time for vlog talk!


The prompts for this week:

1. Why you don’t vlog?
2. What is your makeup routine? Show us.
3. Tell us the story behind your kid(s) names or blog nicknames.
For more information on VlogTalk or to sign up for to have the prompts emailed directly to you each week go here.

So none of these worked for me.  So instead I am telling the story of how we came to name our fish!

I hope you enjoy ... and please be kind!



  1. I like the story behind the names! All the names. ;) I haven't heard of that type of fish. We used to have beta (sp?) fish and we would name them after our favorite restaurants. Then they started eating each other. Then I gave up on fish. I know, not the best comment, is it? Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Cute story! I don't have fish. We used to and, well, that didn't work out so well because those fish aren't here anymore. Oops :(

  3. Nice take on the prompt for this week. Hard to tell about kids names when you don't have kids. How did you keep all those fish names straight? I would have been confused. We had fish for one day. They did in our sleep and have not been replaced because it made my daughter too sad.

  4. Those are all big name for such little creatures. I love it. Way to take a different approach with the prompts :)

  5. @Elena: They are cute. My only gripe is they don't come in multiple colors. I wanted guppies.

    @Kim: Ours survived only as long b/c D frequently changed their water

    @Jessica: only because some had stripes and some didn't. And Ramone was EASY to keep straight!

    @Mrs. Weber: much thanks. I like "real" names for the fish.

  6. Ramone for a punk rock fish? EPIC. :) I loved that you did your own thing!

  7. Those are all cutes names for fish. I like how you named three of them Edgar, Allan, and Poe. But I have to admit Ramone's the coolest and my favorite!

  8. A Fish Tale! I had a fish (male beta, awesome blue/red color) I named Elvis, sadly he is in rock & roll fish heaven.


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