Monday, May 9, 2011

Mental Health Day Needed

I am so in need of a mental health day.  I mean really.

Even though my blog is a secret from my family, I still recognize that there will likely come a time when my family learns of this.  So anything that I think could be used against me in the future, I unfortunately have to edit out.

That said, yesterday was a hard day.  Though I enjoyed seeing my mom and she seemed genuinely happy to see D and myself.  It also makes me wishful that next year I am pregnant on Mother's Day.

As some of you may remember, I have been having trouble with my heel lately.  I've also had a lot of trouble actually getting an appointment with my [new] doctor.  So I was thrilled when there was a cancellation

He was horrible.  I mean it.  Horrible.  Made me feel worthless.  Actually made me cry ... but not in front of him.  Even though my heel symptoms do NOT match up with his diagnosis, that was what he stuck with.  He has attributed everything to me not being thin.


And believe you me, he was shocked when all my tests came back "good." EKG--good.  Pulse--good. Breath sounds -- good.  Blood pressure? Tiny bit high ... not surprising since this @** of a doctor started telling me over and over and over again that I should really consider gastric bypass surgery (my sister and father had it).  Even after I told him I didn't want it.  Also not surprising that my pulse was a little fast ... I was trying to not cry ... or scream/kill him.

I had blood drawn and I am 99.9% convinced that it will all come back normal--and he will be shocked.

He also talked down to me and dictated he wanted me back in 6 months to weigh me and take my BP again.  Again, my BP wasn't actually high.  And there is no way in hell I am going back for this man to make me feel like crap again.

He's calling on Wed with the blood test results ... that message will be going to voicemail.  I need a referral for an ENT.  Once I get that, I'm switching doctors.

I get that your doctor should be concerned with making sure you are healthy.  But shouldn't he also make sure he isn't f*cking with your psyche too?

I am beyond hurt.  And humiliated.  And perhaps it is just adding to it to put it on this blog (so please be kind with comments!).  But there it is.

Seriously needing a pick-me-up.

Update: Blood work came back.  Nurse left a voicemail saying everything was great then started reading my results.  Sucrose (i.e. diabetes) ideal. Potassium, ideal. Sodium, perfect. Cholesterol a little high (her words).  She left the numbers and I did some further research.  The LDL is the number to be most concerned about and mine is "within ideal range."  Works for me.  In my opinion, I've been vindicated!



  1. What is wrong with people? How dare that doc treat you like that? You don't deserve that and don't you ever let someone talk to you like that again! You just get right up and walk right out of there. Don't do anything you don't want to do and I would definitely be looking at other docs. I am so sorry you were treated that way. Maybe this video will help make you a little happy:
    Feel better. Hugs!

  2. Um, ok, granted I am basing this on your pictures, and I don't see that you need it. But gastric bypass? That is EXTREME! I had some knee problems before I lost 30 lbs. But my doctor said weight COULD be a factor, but it could be other things. You should definitely get a second opinion and a doctor who will ask YOU what YOU want to do about your weight, if anything.

  3. I'm sorry, but I agree with Stephanie. You do NOT look like you would even qualify for gastric bypass!! Don't you need to lose more than 100lbs to even be considered? What a jerk!

    I'm sorry, but NO doctor has any right to talk to a patient in that manner. Not only should you switch doctors, you should go to one of those business review websites and tell other people in your area about his severe lack of professionalism.

    I am SO sorry you had to deal with this.

  4. Yes, switch doctors immediately. Seriously, if the tests came back normal, he should have started using his brain and looking at different factors because weight wasn't one of them. And, surgery is very extreme Sara so please don't let this guy talk you into it! Just continue to be healthy!

  5. I know we already talked about this today, but I totally agree with the other girls. He's an a**. Switch doctors. Suggesting surgery right off the bat is so extreme. Don't listen to him. Go have that fruity deserve it! ((Hugs))

  6. That's awful! I definitely agree with the switch. And don't rush into getting pregnant for mamma. Do it when y'all are ready. You just got married so enjoy each other and your time together as long as you want. As awesome as kids are they change everything!

  7. That's terrible. Ignore those negative comments, and keep a smile on your face. You're beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different!

  8. ((HUGS)) I'm overweight too and was overweight when I got pregnant with Grady. I gained 80lbs while pregnant with Madilyn and had a really hard time taking even a single pound off after she was born. I Just wasn't eating right if I'm to be completely honest. The new OB that I went to when I found out that I was pregnant with Grady told me that she didn't want me to gain much weight with this pregnancy and that I needed to lose weight after the baby was born. She offered her nutritional help. She was VERY respectful of the way she said it and has been absolutely wonderful.

    I think more doctors need to call their patients out on being unhealthy, be it smoking, eating habits, their weight, etc... but there is a tactful, respectful way to do it. It is absolutely unnecessary to be rude because I think that it pushes people away and sometimes causes the opposite effect that the doctor is advocating for.

  9. Awww honey!! I'm so sorry! I hate doctors like that! I mean they have no manners at all! I've been a big girl all my life and when I got preg with my first it was like I had intentionally done it to irritate the whole staff at the OB/GYN office! I would leave in tears every time! It was awful. So along came preg #2. I finally got so sick of it that I just kinda got nasty...after the first visit and leaving in tears (remember these are my reg docs that I've been seeing for years) I just kinda let it slip that..."I know I'm fat and not the size you recommend but you know what I did not come to you to be told that AGAIN and would appreciate if we can get on to handling the pregnancy! Needless to say I was relieved and they all turned pale white! bhahaha I mean come on you can be concerned and helpful to me without being a nasty bully just because I'm not the norm or because you don't like fat folks!

    I mean they didn't have to remind me I'm fat...I am fully aware of my size!

    Ok, kinda had a moment there! Sorry!!

    Sara, you are beautiful. Change doctors and find one that will act like a professional, adult human being with feelings! :)

    P.S. I'm stalking from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Thanks for linking up! Have a great week and if you need to talk just visit me!


  10. What a horrible experience that had to be! Hate all holier than thou docs!

  11. Oh my! I would definitely be finding a new doctor! What a jerk!

  12. im glad you were vindicated, and I am sorry for the shame and humiliation you were caused. Those are emotions very close to my heart and I feel them often, probably more often than I should.. so I was hurting for you when you told this page out of your week. I do hope you find a new doctor who you never have to be made to feel that way in front of again. Thank you for pouring your heart out!!

  13. Please please please report this doctor to whatever governing boards he is certified by. This is completely uncalled for. It's one thing to suggest weight loss to improve a patient's health; it's another to harp on someone repeatedly during a visit. This is out of line & he doesn't need to get away with it. I'm so sorry.

  14. Your Dr. sounds pretty insensitive! I'm sorry he made you feel so awful!

    And write for you! Don't worry about who may or may not read. It's your space! :)

    Stopped by from PYHO.

  15. Hi,

    I am following you from super stalker sunday blog hop.

    I hope you will stop by



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