Saturday, May 14, 2011

My New Obsession

I think I am addicted to vlogging.  And I have Kate at Mommy Monologues to blame thanks.

And now, it's gotten even better worse.  I just got a new computer that finally has the ability to take videos.  AND .... I can now edit the videos.

Call me obsessed.

It's amazing, though to be honest I have a long way to go until I am challenging Steven Spielberg.  But I can do simple things.  What kind of things you ask?

Well, I was going to tell you.  But I think I'll hold off.  You see, on Tuesday, our second "vlog" is due!  This time we were given three prompts. Well, unfortunately for me, none really fit.  So I've modified a prompt and am going to create a vlog along with the new gadgets I've discovered.

D has even agreed to be in the vlog.  Though it may just be his voice that you all get the privilege of "meeting."  We'll see ... (He's now asking to use a voice modifier so you can't recognize his voice ... too cute.)


Do you vlog?  Why/why not?  You know you want to ;)


  1. How did you learn how to edit? And are you going to let me in on your little secret?

  2. I think I'm going to participate next week too; I just hate the sound of my voice!

    I have also awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award.
    Click over over to "accept" it!

  3. So so so so glad you are having so much fun with it!

    I have no idea which prompt I'm going to do!


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