Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm a Double Agent...

...Can't you tell?

So I blog and love it.  When D and I are out and something happens he'll remind me I can blog about it (still waiting for Comcast situation to be resolved .. that could be a whole novel!).

But it is a secret from my family and almost all of my real life friends.

I am winning contests or getting items to review that friends/family notice.  They ask where I got said item(s) and I lie ... sort of.  I usually tell them I entered a contest online.  Which is true.  But a serious omission.

But I enjoy having this to myself.  I still self-censor a bit.  But it's nice that my family doesn't know about this.  It's nice that I can write what I want and not have my mother call me to ask me why I said what I said.  D usually doesn't even read my blog (though I usually write as though he will ... just in case!)

Am I being dishonest? (yes) But enough so that I should feel guilty? (maybe?) I dislike GREATLY lying to my parents.  This may be the longest I have actively kept something from them.  I've even done it in front of them (on my laptop) without them realizing.

Which makes me feel like I am living two lives.  I'm *, my parent's daughter, a sister, friend, co-worker.  And then there is Sara, a wonderful, funny, intelligent, (haha ... I'll stop!) blogger.  I am really both people.  But not simultaneously.

Does your family know about your blogging?  Or are you, like me, leading a double life?



  1. My immediate family knows that I blog. The only one who actually reads it, is my brother's girlfriend, because she became interested in blogging herself. None of my family really cares, or reads. Ben says he doesn't read it either . . . but that's probably because I talk so much about it, that he doesn't really have to. lol

    I can't say I blame you. There are days when I wish for complete and utter anonymity, so that I could be REALLY honest. But at the same time, I think knowing there are other people that I love who could read it keeps me in check a little bit. I tend to write more about myself and my own inner struggles, perspectives on life, and relationship rhetorics than focusing on the day-to-day drama.

  2. I keep myself honest. I have one in real life friend who knows, my husband knows and one coworker. It's just enough that I do watch what I say (though to be honest there isn't too much I want to say and don't.)

  3. I actually have 2 blogs. One in french, one in english. My sister and a few cousins know about my french blog. I don't really know if my parents know... but I don't think they care.

    The only one who knows about my new blog, english this one, is my boyfriend.

    I don't feel like I'm lying or anything, I just don't want to have to explain myself all the time about what I write... So I totally understand you Sara!

  4. The only person in my real life who knows I blog is my husband. Since nobody knows about it it's a great way for me to write how I feel and what I struggle with. I'll admit, I think I'm almost ready for my family to find out about it though.

    All that said, I'm still the same person online as I am in real life. I haven't changed anything or taken on a new confidence while sitting behind the computer screen.

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  6. Sometimes I wish that I had made things more anonymous, but when I dove into this whole blogging world I posted everything all over my personal facebook page.

    Everyone in my family reads, it's good & hard all at the same time!


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